The Face Behind Doctor Gold Jewellery

Even as a young boy, Doctor Gold had a love for jewellery. He began crafting and forming his own collections and would always wear different pieces. His friends began to take interest in his looks and would ask him to use his expertise and connections to get them their desired jewellery. Of course, Doctor Gold took advantage of his deep-rooted trusted relationship he had with his sources and offered honest un-inflated prices to those interested in his products. Over a short period of time, his network grew and word got out that the “doctor” was the most trusted jeweller out there. Even though Doctor Gold's network grew beyond his close friends and family, his motto remained unchanged. To this day, Doctor Gold believes prices and transparency should be the forefront of his brand and he continues to stand behind every single product he offers. When you take Doctor Gold's honesty, kindness, and influence and combine it with competitive pricing, you get a brand that not only helps provide jewellery, but rather jewellery that reflects integrity, fairness, and individuality. As CEO of Doctor Gold Jewellery, Doctor Gold has taken his passion and transformed it into a successful business catering to customers across North America.