Jewellery Care

925 Sterling Silver - Over time, silver will naturally begin to tarnish. To prevent oxidization, avoid exposure to any moisture. You can use a polishing cloth to clean minor tarnish stains. To remove heavy tarnish and tough stains, you have options. You can purchase a silver polish cleaner or you can wash your jewellery in hot, soapy water, rinse, and then pat dry until sparkly.
Gold Vermeil – Our vermeil line has a 925 sterling silver base. Vermeil pieces have a thicker layer of gold which gives the pieces their long-lasting colour. To extend the life of your gold vermeil jewellery, avoid wearing when washing hands, showering, applying lotion, or using harsh cleaning supplies. Please be mindful when wearing products that contain special jewellery glue to keep gemstones and other beads (pearls, onyx, turquoise, opal etc,) intact. To clean your jewellery pieces, gently buff with a dry and 100% cotton cloth or a microfibre cloth. Do not use jewelry cleaner on any gold vermeil jewellery.
Solid, 10, and 14kt Gold – Our solid gold collection will not oxidize or discolour because the precious metal is the highest of quality. These pieces are showerproof and sweatproof. Use jewellery cleaner and a brush with soft bristles. You can also take a DIY approach and use a soft toothbrush and a dish-washing liquid. Rinse and brush well with warm water and lay on a towel to dry. Do not pat dry. To buff out surface scratches, please contact